10 December 2009

Look Up

We're going to be up here in the balcony at the Mangle sale this Saturday. We have some pretty nice new things if I say so myself. The sale should be a good one - with people like Shelf, Peepshow, Rob Ryan etc and it's our last this year so don't miss us!!

5 November 2009

Private View of Field Work

So I tried to get a picture inside to show how much everyone was enjoying the shop on the private view but I couldn't because it was rammed and I was too busy trying to find a pencil.
I will upload pictures of an emptier daytime shop soon.

3 November 2009

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took part in the very first Field Work, it was a great success. Thank you also to everyone that came down to see it and everyone that helped us out. We've had some really great press including this post on the Vogue blog today. We'll put some photos up soon...

26 October 2009

A Halloween Special

As well as exhibiting in the gallery Joceline Howe will be bringing her drawing booth to the shop for the opening night. So if you fancy getting a one of a kind halloween themed portrait drawn you better make it down this Thursday...

23 October 2009

and some more...

Richard Sanderson

Caitlin Hinshelwood

Jessica Rayner

Rose de Borman

Rose Blake

Miriam Burke

21 October 2009

To Whet the Appetite

Rose de Borman

Huw Griffiths
Hannah Waldron
Luke Best
Hinshelwood de Borman
Jazmine Miles Long
Cornelia O Donovan

Alex Crocker
Lizzy Stewart
Gary Goodman

Richard Forbes Hamilton
James Nash
Max Wade
Susie Cowie
Neal Jones
Hinshelwood de Borman

Aurelie Bell
Jonny Hannah
Alice Stevenson
Rosie Miller

Liam Stevens

15 October 2009

Field Work Pop Up Shop and Gallery

We're starting a new pop up shop and gallery called 'Field Work' in an unused shop on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane. The opening night is 29th October and we will be open over the weekend. The upstairs shop features textiles, homeware, taxidermy, antiques, artists books, gift cards and the like. Downstairs is a gallery space with prints and works on paper for sale too.

Here is who is involved so far;

Please come down and see all the very exciting work!