7 December 2011

Field Work no.3 Roll Call

Jazmine Miles-Long will be returning to Field Work this December with a new array of sea bird taxidermy. Huw Griffith will be showing a selection of antiques and re-worked mirrors. We will have knits from Shipping Forecast, all made with British Wool. Kirsten Hecktermann is joining us again with her beautiful hand carved wooden and bone spoons. We will have screwdrivers from Elementary Design. Neal Jones is exhibiting paintings, prints and mobiles. Kitty Farrow Press have produced a selection of hand made books and notepads for Field Work. There will be more unusual gift ideas from The Fancy Goods Shop sourced from distant shores, alongside treasure Hinshelwood de Borman picked up in Mexico. Kate Morrell joins us at this Field Work with her flint pieces, prints and jewelry. We have some beautiful hand painted tin ware from Pakistan including trunks and jugs. We will have a selection of jewelry from London designer Ivy Nixon. Alongside all of this will of course be printed textiles and more from us, Caitlin Hinshelwood and Rose de Borman. Rose has produced lots of beautiful new hand painted silk cushions depicting a wide menagerie of creatures for the shop and Caitlin has plenty of new textiles including her Cosmonaut Cushions.
Spoons by Kirsten Hecktermann
Replica Necklace and Flint piece by Kate Morrell
Hand Painted Silk Cushions from Rose de Borman
Knitted Hats by Shipping Forecast
Attenborough Cushions by Caitlin Hinshelwood

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  1. Must be an exciting venture for all those involved - congratulations and good luck!